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Maguire et al
- Taxi Driver's Brains…read more

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Aims of the study
* To investigate whether there
would be differences
between the hippocampal
volume of taxi drivers and
the control group. Hippocampus-
Named after
* To discover more about the the Greek
role of the hippocampus in word for
spatial memory `seahorse'.
* To see if there's a correlation Grey matter:
An area of
between the length of taxi- dense neural
driving experience and the connections
measure of grey matter and is
volume. associated
with higher
White matter
order thinking…read more

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The Hippocampus
* The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is
involved in forming, organizing and storing
* It has a vital role in the brain of converting
information from our short-term memory to our
long term memory.
* If damaged, we can suffer from anterograde
amnesia where we are unable to form new
memories, however we may still be able to
remember events up until the accident had
occurred.…read more

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The Knowledge
* A 2 year test in which taxi drivers must
pass, based on a detailed knowledge of
the surrounding 2500 streets in a 6 mile
radius from Charing Cross as well as
general knowledge of the rest of
* They are given `The Knowledge' which
has 320 different routes through
* They are given a written test on 80
routes and an interview style exam on
the other 240 routes.…read more

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The Knowledge Test
Where is the Rainbow leisure centre?
1) East Street, KT17
2) Epsom Road, KT19
3) East Road, KT18
Where is Bourne Hall?
1) Chessington Road, KT18
2) London Road, KT17
3) Spring Street KT17…read more

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Sample- Experimental group
All participants
16 male are right handed
licensed taxi and aged
drivers (had between 32 and
passed `The 62 years (mean
Knowledge) age= 44)
All had healthy
The range of
general medical,
time that the
neurological and
taxi drivers were
licensed for was
18 months to 42
years…read more

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