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F= force B=magnetic field strength I=current L-length
For charged particles
travelling perpendicular to Magnetic Flux Density( B)-Density of the
the magnetic field magnetic field lines per unit area
Q=charge v=velocity
Tesla-Magnetic flux density when a wire, length
Charged particles in a 1m, carrying a current of 1 ampere at right
magnetic field are deflected in angles to the field experiences a force of 1m
a circular path because the
force on a moving charge in a
magnetic field is always
perpendicular to its direction of
Mass Spectrometer - determine mass and abundance
of charged ions. The sample is first vaporised and
ionised. Ions are passed through an electric field which
accelerates them through an evacuated tube. Their
velocity depends on the field strength. The magnetic
field deflects the ions in a circular path. The radius of the
path depends on mass to charge ratio, velocity and
magnetic field strength (v and B can be controlled). Only
ions of certain mass to charge ratios reach the detector. Fleming's left
hand rule
F=mv2/r so BQV=mv2/r so r= mv/Bq


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