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2800BC - Neolithic…read more

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The site
Orkney, Scotland
Passage Grave/Chambered Tomb
Would have taken 100,000 man hours to build ­ Rites
of Intensification
Located near Loch of Stennes ­ Liminal
Ritual landscape ­ located near ritual sites of the Ring
of Brodgar
Built on knoll ­ stands out of landscape (grassy plain) ­
Focus of Attention (sun)
Encircling ditch and bank is evidence a stone circle
stood earlier on ­ Liminal
Evidence of standing stone between mound and
encircling mound and ditch ­ stages (similar to
Stonehenge) ­ Rites of Passage…read more

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Orientation suggests it was aligned on the
Barnhouse stone
Visible to South West
Marks position od setting of midwinter sun ­
shines down passage and into chamber ­
Sensory Experience
3 side cells in chamber ­ Symbolism
Were blocked by stones ­ Liminal
Entrance blocked by megalith which had its
own opening in the passage wall to slide into ­
Entrance passage is narrow ­ have to crouch to
enter ­ Liminal…read more

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The site was robbed by Vikings in 12th century
Only a single skull fragment was ever found
Chamber covered with mound of earth ­ Rites
of Intensification
Incised marks found in stonework, believed to
relate to the painting of the tomb ­ Art and
Iconography, Sensory Experience…read more

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Section A Terms
Rites of Intensification ­ man hours ­ big project
brings everyone together; chamber then covered
with earth
Liminal ­ located near water, stone circle
surrounded, entrance blocked
Focus of Attention ­ built up on small hill ­ sun
Rites of Passage ­ built in stages
Sensory Experience ­ orientated so midwinter sun
set shines down passage; markings found on
Symbolism ­ `3' symbolic number
Art and Iconography ­ markings in stonework ­
linked to painting of chamber…read more


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