‘Using analogy to express understanding of God is too limiting’ essay plan

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`Using analogy to express understanding of God is too limiting' Discuss
An analogy is a comparison between two things, typically on the basis of
their structure and for the purpose of explanation or clarification
using analogy to express understanding of God is necessary.
too limiting because analogies do not convey messages completely.
We can only begin to approach it
Paragraph 1 introducing Aquinas' analogy argument
normal language is much to limiting to use in application to God as he is
far greater
we cannot speak univocally about God as God is perfect and humans are
imperfect= cannot truly know the terms we use such as `good' when
applying them to God.
talk about God equivocally would mean we cannot profess to know
anything about him as we are saying that the language we use to
describe humans or the experienced world around us, does not apply to
`Middle way' to talk meaningfully about God though the use of analogies.
turning something complex into something much more simple, thus it is
not limiting.
Paragraph 2 critiquing analogies through Scotus
analogies tell us nothing about God's existence
analogies are too vague and leaves us unable to understand God and his
we should talk about God in univocal terms.
term `being (reference to God) was a univocal term subordinated to a
single univocal concept as we all seem to be able to grasp the `being'
Paragraph 3 critiquing Scotus' use of univocal lang through Ian Ramsay
our language is like a model which gives us some understanding of what
things are
To understand a model as complicated as God we need qualifiers.
we actually need an analogy in addition to language to truly understand
Paragraph 4 critiquing using view of theists stating univocal lang is
more appropriate
qualities of God are directly revealed in history, as, for example, recorded
in the Bible or through religious experience.
possible to argue that language may be used to talk about God in a
univocal way
using analogy to express understanding of God is too limited and univocal
language is much more appropriate.

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Paragraph 5 critiquing stating it is better to attempt to understand God
with analogies than not attempt at all
mystics report religious experiences as ineffable
analogy reflects the reality of trying to understand God who is beyond
better to use analogy in an attempt to understand or express the meaning
of God, rather than using normal language.
In the Bible there are a number of analogies which are used to try and
explain God's nature leading us to a better understanding of God.…read more


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