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Lungs and Lung disease

Lungs are an important organ for the respiratory system. The human body has two lungs
within its thorax and they are separated by the heart. The lungs are protected by the ribcage.
Lungs are inside our body because the air is not dense enough to support…

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Bronchioles: They are a series of branching subdivisions of bronchi. The walls of
bronchioles are made of muscle lined with epithelial cells. This muscle is important as the
muscle allows the wall to constrict so they can control the flow of air in and out of the

Alveoli: they…

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Pulmonary ventilation is the total volume of air that is moved into the lungs during one
minute. We use a measure called pulmonary ventilation which is used to measure how much
air is taken in and out of the lung in a given time.

The equation we use is:

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Diffusion of gases between the blood and the alveoli is very rapid because the red blood
cells are slowed as they pass through pulmonary capillaries which allows more time for
diffusion. The alveoli and pulmonary capillaries have a very large surface area. The walls of
alveoli and capillaries are very…

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Drugs can also be used to prevent it but the problem with the drugs is that they have to be
taken for a long time for about 69 months.

Regardless of all this there has been a recent increase in TB in many developed countries.
The reasons are people living…


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