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Alveolus…read more

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To get oxygen into the body and Carbon
dioxide out of the body
Breathing in gets the oxygen in so it can be
used by the body to release energy.
Breathing out removes the carbon dioxide so
it does not build up and poison the body.…read more

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Air travels through the mouth and nasal
It then passes through the trachea and one of
the two bronchi into one of the lungs.
After passing into the many bronchioles, it finally
arrives into the alveoli.
This is where gas exchange takes place -
oxygen passes into the blood, and carbon
dioxide passes out of the blood in the alveoli.…read more

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Lungs need to expand in order to hold more
Intercostal muscles and diaphragm
Ribcage expands
Pressure decreases inside the lungs…read more

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Intercostal muscles relax
Ribcage moves downwards
Diaphragm relaxes moving upwards
Pressure inside the chest increases and air is
forced out of the lungs…read more

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