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Lulworth cove ­ picture taken at top of the footpath from Lulworth Cove
Durdle Door to Lulworth, overlooking Lulworth
Lulworth Cove
A sketch was drawn of the cove from the same position that the
picture above was taken.
On the left is Stairhole
Stairhole. A Sketch
was drawn here of
Sea stair hole. Once
Lulworth Cove
Lulworth Village sketching I gained
a greater
knowledge of The
geology and
features of the
The cove is the main attraction to Lulworth as it is one of the
many natural formations that the sea has created over time.
The other main attractions to Lulworth include St Oswald's
Bay and Durdle Door. Of these three attractions the cove is
one of the most spectacular as it has the most perfect circular
Lulworth cove ­ picture taken at top of the footpath from shape. As it is also on the Jurassic coastline this attracts even
Durdle Door to Lulworth, overlooking Lulworth more tourists to it every year.…read more

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In the picture below on the right is the
heritage centre and between the heritage
centre and the ice-cream parlour is the
roundabout. This picture is the centre of the Heritage Centre
honeypot and en EQI was carried out here.
Stairs above managed footpath-footpath
erosion tests were carried out here. In the
pictures below you can see students
actually carrying out the measurements.
Above is the sign post for the
heritage centre and the entrance
to the heritage centre.
Below is a picture of part of the sewage system in
Lulworth which contributes to air pollution.
The picture below is of the footpath from the
Caravan park to Durdle door, where footpath
erosion was measured.…read more

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An Environmental Quality Index analysis was recorded
in 4 places: Heritage Centre, Duck Pond, Junction to
Durdle Door and Durdle Door.
A Land use survey was taken in 2 places - EQI, Pedestrian
On the Junction to Durdle Door and on counts, traffic counts
the small road leading to Lulworth Cove. and noise readings A Sketch was drawn
An EQI, A pedestrian count, traffic count were all taken here at EQI taken at here of Lulworth Cove.
and noise readings were taken here at the the Duck Pond. Heritage centre
Junction to Durdle Door.
A sketch of
Stairhole was
drawn here.
A pedestrian count,
traffic count and noise
readings were taken here
at the Car Park.…read more

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Durdle Door
Duck Pond
As you can see from the picture above and picture
An EQI was taken here overlooking Durdle Door. From this image you can below of the pond there is no litter and a lots of
see there are a few people, and the picture looks calm and relaxing and there wildlife in the photograph, this represents that the
are no buildings. A Sketch of Durdle Door was also drawn here. Durdle door water is very clean and not polluted. This is seen
attracts thousands of visitors a year because of its magnificent shape and the through the vast amount of vegetation in the duck
nature of the landform. pond. If it was polluted there wouldn't be a lot of
vegetation. EQI, Pedestrian counts, traffic counts and
noise reading were all taken at the duck pond.
A Field sketch was drawn of St
St Oswald's Bay Oswald's Bay at the same time
and place that the picture on the
left was taken. From the picture
you can see that it is quite
deserted as the stairs to get down
to the bay are not stable and it's
very dangerous if you were to try
to use them. This means that the
bay has no way other than little
being thrown over the cliff of
becoming full of litter which is
good for the environment. Duck Pond…read more


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