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"Slums are not a source of despair but are instead, opportunities for hope." To what extent do
you agree with this view? (40

Urban slums are settlements that do not provide the basic living conditions necessary for its
inhabitants to live in a safe and healthy environment. One such…

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Land use in Manila is controlled by the private sector which has led to land price increases of
100-200%, reducing access to affordable housing. A second problem is unemployment.
Competition for jobs is high and those without a specific skill set become forced into the informal
sector and poverty. Tondo,…

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systems are clogged by solid wastes thrown in by squatters. Approximately 105,000 of Manila's
580,000 immigrants have to build their homes on marginal land, also vulnerable to flooding as well
as tropical storms. If attempts are made to evict these illegal squatters it may lead to civil conflict.

While Dharavi…


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