Love Will Not Let The Poet Sleep

A translation of 'Love Will Not Let The Poet Sleep' for Latin GCSE. :-)

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Love will not let the poet sleep ­ Petronius
Settled on my bed I was only just enjoying the first silence of the
night and I was offering my conquered eyes to sleep, when cruel
love grabs hold of me and raises me upwards by the hair and orders
me though shattered to stay awake.
He says `Although as my servant you may love a thousand girls, hey!
Are you able to lie alone, I say, alone, harsh-hearted one?'
I jump up and with bare feet and loose tunic I block every road, I
free no road.
At one point I hurry, at another I am reluctant to move, and I regret
turning again, and I am ashamed to stand in the middle of the road.
Lo and behold the voices of men and the usual din of the roads are
silent as are the song of birds and the loyal band of dogs: I alone of
all dread both sleep and my bed, and, great Cupid, I follow your


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