Louis VII, Conrad and the Second Crusade

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Louis VII Conrad and the Second Crusade
Why and how did Pope Eugenius call the Second Crusade? Why did Louis VII join the Crusade?
Quantum Praedecessores emphasised the family Family links. Eg: Eleanor related to Raymond of
traditions of crusading Antioch, Great uncle > Hugh of Vermandois (1st
It spoke of the memory of forbearers who had Crusade) (brother of king of France)
sacrificed `their own blood' to liberate Jerusalem and Very religious/Pious. Penance for destroying a
`Those things acquired by the efforts of your fathers church to be in favour with the Pope
[should be]vigorously defended by you' Quantum Praedecessores was addressed to the
The pope was keen to follow in the footsteps of king>read out >Vezelay (Easter Sunday)
Urban II Document 12 written c114647 "In the chorus we see
The pope saw the Second Crusade as a just and a King Louis acting with the right intent, renuncing
necessary response to the Muslims taking Edessa earthly riches and striving for eternal glory"
The weakness of the Crusader states, especially the King Louis' decision to go to Jerusalem and the
leadership crisis amongst the Christians in the Near events at Vitry may have encouraged many of the
East and the Kingdom of Jerusalem in particular, more pious knights to take the cross
meant Europe feared survival for these states
Why did Conrad join the Crusade? Why did knights go on the Crusade?
Duke Welf's enrolment in the Crusade removed a Origination of the 1st
key threat to Conrad's throne Association with the God given triumph "Father
This meant that it was not as dangerous for him to and Sons"
leave Germany Referred to Fall of Edessa in QP
Bernard of Clairvaux persuades him to go at Mass of Devastation brought on by the Muslims
Speyer Christmas 1146 Threat to the church and all Christianity
Investiture Contest ended. Relationship with pope Brave enough to protect
better. Conrad names his heir Promise of remission of all sins+other privileges
Fall of Edessa Promise of property+intrest on debts suspended
Pope saw him as a logic solution Promise to fulfil indulgence even if they don't

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