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In our english lesson we were each given a past exam question and had to come up with a plan for it, but it was an extended plan because we werent only given a few minutes and i wrote it up on the computer. This is a question about who i think should be the leader in lord of the flies and why... it is useful for remebering characteristics and has a few good quotes in there for evidence; it is all nice and colourful for the visual learners among you ( like me!!)

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At the beginning of the novel Ralph is elected chief. Some of the boys
disagree with this choice. Who do you think would have been the best
leader? Choose one of the following boys: Jack, Piggy, Ralph, Simon.
You should write about:
What qualities he has that would make him a good leader
Your opinion on him as a person
How the writer shows the good qualities of your chosen character
Why your choice would be better than the other three

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Qualities...and "Quotes"
Very insightful..."Maybe there is a beast...maybe it's only us"
Still believes they can get back to safety, remains hopeful...…read more

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Aware that evil is only suppressed by society and rules..."Simon looked now from Ralph
to Jack...what he saw seemed to make him afraid"
Doesn't believe morality needs to be instilled by society, good moral compass...He
waited and helped Jack to build shelters when no one else would
Quiet but active member of the group/society... "Found for them [the `littluns'] the fruit
they could not reach
Respects the island for its nature... "Like candles. Candle bushes.…read more


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