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Lord of the flies…read more

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What year was the novel written
The novel was written and published in 1954…read more

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5 Facts About William Golding
1) He was born on 19 September 1911
2) He died in 19 June 1993 (aged 81)
3) He was awarded the noble prize for
literature in 1983
4) Fought in World War 2 in the royal navy as
a naval officer.
5) After the ware he returned to teaching and
writing.…read more

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The Cold War
The cold war was a war of military tension
between mainly the soviet union and the
united states. The war is consists of calm
and un calm periods. Calm periods
included times like the Vietnam war when
the Americans were fighting somewhere
else. It started over the threat of nuclear
missles and communism spreading.…read more

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The title
The title Lord of the Flies means Beelzebub
or the Devil. It also signifies that the boys
are turning into animals and is also
mentioned in the book when Simon see's
the Pigs head on the a `stick sharpened at
both ends'.…read more

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Auschwitz was the biggest killer of jews. It
was the Nazis main concentration/death
camp and killed over 1 million people.
Very little people actually survived
Auschwitz. World War 2 saw the Nazis
trying to wipe out all other races including
disabled people and black Germans but
many Jewish people killing 6 million jewish
people.…read more


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