Lord of The Flies - William Golding - Introduction.

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Ralph: The elected leader.
Piggy: Intelligent but an outsider.
Jack: Ex-Headboy. Hunter. Assumes leadership.
Simon: Shy but courageous.
Roger: Jack's cruel lieutenant.
Maurice: A loyal savage without Roger's brutality.
Sam'n'Eric: Twins. Often treated as one person.
Johnny and Percival: The Littluns.
William Golding:
1911 Willing Golding born 19 September in Cornwall
1914 Outbreak of WWI
1930 Stock exchange crash. Golding joins Brasenose College, Oxford, as an undergraduate student,
reading Natural Sciences for two years before transferring to English Literature.
1934 Golding works as an actor, producer and writer for a small theatre company
1939 Outbreak of WWII
1940 Golding serves in the Royal Navy in command of a rocket ship, involved in the sinking of the
Bismarck. Unknowingly killing a town of civilians after being told the town was clear of civilians and only
had enemy soldiers in it, haunting him for the rest of his life.
1945 End of WWII. Golding goes to teach at Bishop Wordsworth's school, Salisbury
1954 Publication of Lord of the Flies
1980 Wins Booker Prize
1983 Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature
1993 Dies at home under the influence of alcohol by falling out of a window


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