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Natural Leader
Kind and Polite
Uses Conch to call assembly
Represents civilization
Not like Jack
Bullies Piggy
Makes friendship with Piggy and Simon
Piggy advisor to Ralph
Elected Leader of the group
Fails to prevent Jack from taking power
Gets corrupted by Jack, trying to take power and…

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Tries to keep the boys in control
But loses his life towards Jack's savagery which consumes him up
Convinced himself he didn't kill Simon
Piggy has to help him out constantly
Detoriates- e.g Clothes, not taking a bath , letting Jack take power
Loses touch with reality during the…

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`' My daddys in the navy, `'

`' I'm sorry if you feel like that, `'

`' I'm Chief, I'll go, `'

`' You could see he might make a boxer, as far as width and heaviness in the shoulders went, but
there was a mildness about his mouth and…


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