Lord of the Flies Ralph - points and qoutes for character profile

Bascially this is just a list for anyone who wants to create a character profile for Ralph. This may just help you

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Natural Leader
Kind and Polite
Uses Conch to call assembly
Represents civilization
Not like Jack
Bullies Piggy
Makes friendship with Piggy and Simon
Piggy advisor to Ralph
Elected Leader of the group
Fails to prevent Jack from taking power
Gets corrupted by Jack, trying to take power and gain respect
In the end he cries knowing that humans are evil
Wants to hang onto civilization
Speaks like a school boy
Ralph gets carried away by the hunt
Also gets carried away for mistaking Simon as the beast
Treated as an outcast when he loses power
Breaks the pig's head
Asserts himself as leader when the naval officer arrives.
Talks like a school boy
Demonstrates common sense
Conceives meeting place, fire and builds huts
Applies Piggy's intelluctuism ( Asks advice from Piggy)
Embodies good intentions for the implementation of reason , but fails to execute these
plans properly.
Works vainly to keep the Group focused on their rescue from the island
He is a gentlemen
Loses independence over his dreams, allows certain adventure types to take over his head.
Starts to lose power of organized thought- Corruption
Loses faith in the assemblies, realizing that the children aren't civilized.
His clothes decay as he starts to lose power
His life had been civilized before he went to the island, and he brought innocent
expectations, but it got lost as he realized there was a more sinister nature behind his
Gets angry over Jack letting the fire out
An attempt to stick up for Piggy
Described as Handsome, attractive fair
Neither smart or strong
Has Charisma

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Tries to keep the boys in control
But loses his life towards Jack's savagery which consumes him up
Convinced himself he didn't kill Simon
Piggy has to help him out constantly
Detoriates- e.…read more

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My daddys in the navy, `'
`' I'm sorry if you feel like that, `'
`' I'm Chief, I'll go, `'
`' You could see he might make a boxer, as far as width and heaviness in the shoulders went, but
there was a mildness about his mouth and eyes that proclaimed no devil."
`' Cos I had some sense, `'
`' Don't we love meetings? `'
`' The rules, you're breaking the rules. `'
`' I'm chief, I'll go on alone.…read more


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