Lord of the Flies: Piggy Revision

Summary of Piggy from chapters 1-12

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-Piggy is the outsider: `He was shorter that the fair boy and very fat'
`Piggy was an outsider, not only by accent, which did not matter but by fat, and
ass-mar, and specs, and a certain declination for manual behaviour' chpt4 pg68
-Doesn't fear beast but people possibly because of his past treatment and cruelty
-He is intelligent; he has ­foresight ­organising ability `them that haven't no common
-Piggy symbolises attributes of civilisation ­uphold conch ­passes onto Ralph the ability
to think
Chapter 1 and 2:
Piggy is mature: `Like kids! He said scornfully. Acting like a crowd of kids' -
! shows emphasis
Associated with conch... `I got the conch...I got the right to speak' Piggy
respects the conch because of what it represents
Takes on parental role- organising children
Presented as being `different' from the outset- makes him an easy target for
Jack: `You shut up!'
Demonstrates intelligence and common sense: `we got to find the others we got
to do'
`What intelligence had being shown was traceable to Piggy.'
Chapter 3 and 4:
Piggy doesn't help others build the shelter: `Piggy was lying flat, looking down
into the brilliant water'
Takes things seriously- no sense of humour `there was always a little pleasure to
be got out of pulling his leg' `Piggy saw the smile and misinterpreted it as
Focused on rescue and want to go home: `You and your blood Jack Meridew! You
and your hunting! We might have gone home.' Lang.- ! shows emphasis
Piggy is easy target: `took a step and able to at last to hit someone stuck his fist
into Piggy's stomach'
Chapter 5 and 6:
Piggy understands fear exists and suggests that it's people there afraid of: I
know there isn't no fear, either...unless we get frightened of people'
`I got the conch'- democracy and civil
`Piggy turned hopelessly to Ralph'- views Ralph as friend and help
`I wish my auntie was here'
`Piggy could think. He could go step by step inside that fat head of his'
`Piggy came and stood outside the triangle'

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Chapter 7 and 8:
Piggy is able to speak with better confidence when Jack left: `Piggy was
speaking now with assurance' `Piggy was so full of delight and expanding liberty
in Jacks departure
Ralph ask piggy for advice
Piggy helps keep Ralph focused- reminds him what fire is for
He rarely receives praise and his ideas are not acknowledged
Chapter 9 and 10:
Development n Ralph/Piggy relationship
`Piggy once more was the centre of social derision so that everyone felt
cheerful and normal'
`Ralph and…read more


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