Lord of the Flies Jack: Character Analysis

Just some quotes from Jack that I have analysed. I hope it helps you to revise. x

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· "Then the creature stepped from the mirage"
This is used to describe the choir when they first appear. It reflects what
they later become.
· "Two light blue eyes...ready to turn, to anger"
At the beginning he is already showing his angry side
· Shut up, Fatty"
He is mean and a bully
· "I ought to be chief."
He shows a desire to be chief. He likes to be in control, in charge. Likes to
· "He's always throwing a faint."
Unsympathetic towards Simon. He's a bad leader, should care for his choir.
· when anybody breaks `em."
Jack only wanted these rules so that he could enforce them and show his
· "I was choosing a place. Next time-!"
This shows how much he changes through out the story. At the beginning
he was too scared to kill a pig, but later on he becomes obsessed with it
· "The crowd swayed toward the island, following Jack"
This reflects what later happens in the book, when everybody turns to
Jack's tribe. Leaving Ralph and Piggy
· "Mass of dark freckles and peeling sunburn"
This shows how he has changed on the island physically
"We want meat"
All Jack cares about is hunting pigs. He cares about this because if he
caught a pig it would give him more status.
"Liberated from shame and self-consciousness"
After Jack puts the paint on he feels free and like someone else. This gives
him the ability to kill the pig. Also putting on face paint is a very tribal thing
to do- shows they aren't the same English boys, becoming more savage
`"There was lashings of blood," Said Jack, laughing'

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Jack has no regret about killing the pig. Also the fact that he isn't disgusted
about the blood, again shows how much he has changed.…read more


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