Lord of the flies: extensive list of quotes with explanations

This is a fairly large list of all the quotes you would need to know to let you cruise through the exam. I didn't intend on distributing these so the spelling and grammar might be a bit bad and some of the explanations are a bit informal but the descriptions are also good for revising key themes.

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Lord of the Flies Quotes
Chapter 1 ­ The sound of the shell
Chapter 2 ­ Fire on the Mountain
Chapter 3 ­ Huts on the Beach
Chapter 4 ­ Painted Faces and Long Hair
Chapter 5 ­ Beast from Water
Chapter 6 ­ Beast from air
Chapter 7 ­ Shadows and Tall Trees
Chapter 8 ­ Gift for the Darkness
Chapter 9 ­ A View to a Death
Chapter 10 ­ The Shell and the Glasses
Chapter 11 ­ Castle Rock
Chapter 12 ­ Cry of the Hunters

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Chapter 1 ­ The sound of the shell
Character/Them Description Quote
Ralph Initial feelings of leadership and democracy. The delight of a realised
ambition came over him
Ralph At the beginning, the kids listen to Ralph and go with his The children gave him
views in the main. This shows how at the beginning they the same simple
are still similar to how they were in England, being posh obedience they gave
English boys who would listen to their elders.…read more

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Jack's leadership He thinks that because he is the best singer, and has led I can sing C sharp
the choir, that he will automatically be selected as leader
Jack's leadership The others don't want Jack as a leader because they are Dreary obedience
used to him bossing them about
Jack's Candles symbolise peace and democracy, so here, Jack is He slashed at one with
dictatorship seen breaking a candle, so symbolises how Jack wants his knife
disruption and control of the island.…read more

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The island This description of the island is like when they were back Like icing on a pink cake
home, enjoying their lives with their families. This is when
they still had their childhood innocence.…read more

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Chapter 2 ­ Fire on the Mountain
Character/Them Description Quote
Ralph He doesn't connect well with the littluns because he is Ralph looked for
grown up. His views are more rational but the littluns still confirmation around the
have creative minds of beasts. ring of faces... required
more than rational
assurance.…read more

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Death This is a quote from chapter 2, so is a suggestion of what The crowd was as silent
there might be to come, as it is saying that death is as death
already on the island
Fire This uses sibilance, onomatopoeia and personification to The flames, as though
describe the fire as a fierce and overcoming omen that they were a kind of wild
gives the boys an immediate capacity for evil, as it goes life, crept as a jaguar
on to kill the…read more

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Chapter 3 ­ Huts on the Beach
Character/Them Description Quote
Ralph/War Ralph could be described as the allied forces in WWII.…read more

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Simon's This quote shows how Simon has a spirituality about him, His eyes were so
spirituality and the others simply regard this as a little odd bright, they had
deceived Ralph into
thinking him delightfully
gay and wicked
Hunting This quote is referring to pre-historic times when humans A harsh cry which
had to hunt for their food.…read more

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Chapter 4 ­ Painted Faces and Long Hair
Character/Them Description Quote
Ralph/Piggy Ralph at the beginning doesn't see Piggy's usefulness or His matter-of-a fact
wisdom, and actually enjoys teasing him. This shows that ideas were a bore...
Ralph's character is flawed always a little pleasure
to be got out of pulling
his leg.…read more


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