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Authority and power/ use of magic and dreams/imperative: I'll met by moonlight, proud
Titania!" Note the tone of his language and the sense of imperialism in his voice. He doesn't
merely speak, but his tone carries a ponderous vibe. As the king of the fairy realm, Oberon
uses his…

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Querulous and belligerent:
Argues with Oberon over petty things, such as the Indian Boy.

Her language is beautifully poetic, bedecked with nature images: she shows passion
and an intricate link with nature. When Oberon chides her, she retaliates by pointing out
the destruction they have done to nature. She personifies…

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As the subject of derision and victim of the play, Helena longs for true devotion from
Demetrius and shows it through emphatic diction: she wishes that she could be "translated"
into something otherworldly and divine. She makes reference to the role of sight:
"lodestars". Her suffering and the sheer absurdity…

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thing" "dwarf "minimus" ­ emphasis on physicality.

Additional notes on his behavior in Act one.
In front of Theseus, he coolly conversates and seems to prove his every assertion, refuting
Demetrius and Egeus when appropriate. He claims that he is "as well derived" and "as well
possessed" as Demetrius. In…

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