Long-term memory

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Long-term memory:
Definition- memory for events that have happened in the past.
Duration- between 2 hours and unlimited is classed as long-term
memory. Bahrick et al in 1975 demonstrated the duration of LTM by
asking people of various ages to put names to faces from their high
school year books, there were 2 different conditions, one set of people
were asked to recognize and others were asked to recall. The
recognition group was given the pictures and a list of names they just
had to put the faces and names together whereas with recall the people
were only given the photos and were asked to recall their names. 47
years after people had finished school, when recognizing they correctly
remembered about 60% but when recalling only 20% managed to
correctly remember.
Capacity- this has not been proved or tested as long-term memory has
the potential to be unlimited.
Encoding- Semantic, this was tested by Baddeley in 1966, he like in
short term memory gave participants lists of words that were
acoustically similar or dissimilar or words that were semantically similar
or dissimilar. The results showed that the participants had difficulty
remembering the semantically similar as the memories were muddled
but they had no problems remembering the acoustically similar words.


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