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Explain the Long Term Patterns of Climate Change

Climate change occurs due to short-term and long-term causes. In the last
1000 years the temperature of the Earth has generally increased. In the 1900s
the temperature was -0.1 degrees lower than in the 19th century, this could
have been caused by…

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the 15th and 17th centuries, called the Little Ice Age (LIA), could be because of
the abnormal volcanic activity at the time.

There have been many long periods of going in and out of glacials and
interglacials over time. For example, the MWP, which caused warming
throughout Europe. In this…

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was tilted away at 24.4 degrees. The procession of the Earth tell us how much
the Earth is "wobbling". This can change every 23,000 years. When these three
parts are all lined in a certain way, they can trigger periods of cooling or
warming of the Earth, such as the…


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