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Revision sheet about Long Distance by Tony Harrison. English GCSE AQA B - Best Words

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Language Form Structure
o Lexis of phone related o Last stanza brings poem o Steady rhythm
language back to present o Reflects the poet's fat
o `disconnected number' `you o `I believe...' steady rhythm of the
had to phone' `black leather o Shows the poet's opinion simple tasks
phone book' `call' `long on life and death. Signals a
distance' change in the poem.
o The poet wants to be able
to reach his mother with a
phone call but is unable to.
The mother is disconnected
from life also. It is a very
long distance.
o Everyday language o Change in rhyme sche
o `drop in' `popped out' o Indicates the change i
`slippers warming' focus. Shows the chan
o It makes things as if they of opinion.
are happening in present
time. It is not weird to the
poet because he is so used
to it.


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