Long Answer Questions from Unit 1

All the Unit 1 Long Answer questions (5&6 marks) avaliable on papers on the AQA website to Jun 14 (as this was written before the June 15 paper).

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5 Mark Questions

Jan 10
(a) The cardiac cycle is controlled by the sinoatrial node (SAN) and the
atrioventricular node (AVN). Describe how.
(b) What is atheroma and how may its cause myocardial infarction?

June 10'
(a) Many different substances enter and leave a cell by crossing its cell

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June 14'
(a) In humans, the enzyme maltase breaks down maltose to glucose. This
takes place at normal body temperature. Explain why maltase: Only breaks
down maltose & allows this reaction to take place at normal body
(b)Scientists have investigated the effects of competitive and
noncompetitive inhibitors of the…


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