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Lone-Parent Families
A mother or father living without a partner with their dependent child or children.
Above definition not straightforward
What about a father who doesn't live with the mother and child but is in regular
contact, takes part in `family' decisions and provides for the family in various ways…

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The divorce rate rose rapidly after the Divorce Reform Act came into force in 1971.
Sociologists argue that social expectations about marriage have changed.
Functionalist sociologists even argue that high divorce rates are evidence that marriage is
increasingly valued and that people are demanding higher standards from their parents.

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There is some evidence that government New Deals schemes are helping some lone parents
and their children out of poverty.

Views of Lone Parenthood
New Right Views
Lone-parent families fail to provide adequate socialisation.
In lone-mother families, there is no father present to discipline the children and provide a


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