Logitudinal Vs Snapshot Studies

I have uploaded a PDF version of a brief explanation, the advantages and the disadvantages of Logitudinal and Snapshot Studies. This is great to download onto your space, stick in your notebook or even stick on your walls as a poster (like I do) This is a great revision technique for AS Psychology students as well as the A2s

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LONGITUDINAL STUDIES ­ this is when participants are followed up over a
lengthy period of time
A number of variables
BUT there are no ps
EXAMPLES There may be demand
Thigpin + Cleckley characteristics
Can track stages of LONGITUDINAL STUDIES Participant Attrition
Impractical as it is a
Can gain qualitative smaller sample
SNAPSHOT STUDIES ­ this is when a study is conducted in a
short period of time
Less likely for demand Don't gain an
Samuel + Bryant
characteristics to indepth view of
occur SNAPSOT STUDIES behaviour
Bandura et al
Can't see development
More of a overtime
representative sample
Affected by
ps variables


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