Logical Fallacies/ Flaws card sort (2).

Logical Fallacies/ Flaws card sort (2). Can be used as a teaching resource or for revision purpopses. Also see the printable infosheet for learning the key terms, definitions and examples. Info taken from: http://www.criticalthinking.org.uk/unit2/fundamentals/logicalfallacies/

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Generalisation Weak Analogy
Arguments often use specific cases to support Arguments by analogy rest on a comparison between
general conclusions. two cases. They examine a known case, and extend
For example, we might do a quick survey of their findings there to an unknown case. Thus we
Premiership footballers, note…

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Example Slippery Slope
"Many gifted children from working class Sometimes one event can set of a chain of
backgrounds are let down by the education system consequences one thing leads to another, as the
in this country. Parents have a choice between saying goes. The slippery slope fallacy is committed…

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"It doesn't matter that I occasionally break the Example
speed limit everyone else does it." `When my Gran died I cried for weeks and didn't

want to talk to anyone about it. I feel sorry for your
friend, he's going to be so upset about loosing his
Gran. You…


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