Logical Fallacies/ Flaws card sort (1).

Logical Fallacies/ Flaws card sort (1). Can be used as a teaching resource or for revision purpopses. Also see the printable infosheet for learning the key terms, definitions and examples. Info taken from: http://www.criticalthinking.org.uk/unit2/fundamentals/logicalfallacies/

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Ad Hominem Appeal to Authority
"Ad hominem" is Latin for "against the man". An appeal to an authority is an argument that
The ad hominem fallacy is the fallacy of attempts to establish its conclusion by citing a
attacking the person offering an argument perceived authority who claims that the…

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give up on the league now and concentrate on
the Cup competitions."

Circularity Confusing Necessary and
Circular arguments are arguments that Sufficient Conditions
assume what they're trying to prove. If the
Necessary conditions are conditions which must
conclusion of an argument is also one of its
be fulfilled in order…

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distracting you from your work, so you mustn't
see her anymore."

Appeal to History

There are two types of appeal to history. The
first is committed by arguments that use past
cases as a guide to the future. This is the
predictive appeal to history fallacy. Just
because something has…


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