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Loftus and Palmer

The aim of this study was to see the effect of leading questions on memory of
an event.

The study actually consists of two laboratory experiments.
They are both examples of an independent measures design.
The independent variable = the verb used.
The dependent variable…

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Loftus and Palmer

Explanation of findings
Loftus and Palmer give two interpretations/explanations of the findings of their
1st experiment.
1. Firstly, they argue that the results could be due to a distortion in
the memory of the participant. The memory of how fast the cars
were travelling could have been…

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Loftus and Palmer

Results of the second experiment
Response Smashed Hit Control

Yes 16 7 6

No 34 43 44
Those participants that heard the word "smashed" were more than twice as
likely to recall seeing broken glass.

Explanation of results
To account for the results of the second experiment,…

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Loftus and Palmer

Key terms

Independent variable (IV) = the variable that researchers manipulate in an

Dependent variable (DV) = in an experiment, the variable that is affected
by the researchers'' manipulation of the independent variable (measuring)

Statistical terms= let you know how likely your results are to be…


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