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The effect of individual
differences on independent
behaviour- locus of control
AS Psychology, unit 2, AQA A- social…read more

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Locus of control
This is an aspect of our personality. We either have a
internal locus of control which is when we believe
our success is down to our hard work and personality
and that we control our lives or we have a external
locus of control where we believe our success is down
to luck or external forces and that we have little
control over our lives.…read more

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Williams and Warchal
· Gave 30 students the Asch study
· Then gave them the locus of control questionnaire to
see if they had a internal or external locus of control
· Those who conformed were less assertive but there
was no link to locus of control
· This shows that locus of control doesn't effect your
ability to conform…read more

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Williams and Warchal- evaluation
· Low population validity- only studied students so
other types of people may have been more influenced
by their locus of control on their ability to conform…read more

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· Studied students and found a link between
conformity and locus of control- the more external
you are the more likely you are to conform to fit in
(normative social influence)
· This shows that your locus of control can effect the
likelihood of you conforming…read more

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Atgis- evaluation
· Correlation- only shows a link between locus of
control and conformity and not that your locus of
control is the cause of conformity
· Contradictory evidence- Williams and Warchal
showed that locus of control doesn't effect your
ability to conform whereas Atgis shows the locus of
control could effect your ability to conform.
Therefore we cannot be sure that locus of control
effects conformity.…read more


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