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Living organisms and life
processes…read more

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· By the end of this lesson you should
be able to list and describe the 7
processes of life…read more

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Go to the following website and find
out one new piece of information
about each of the seven
characteristics of life.
uk/characteristics.html…read more

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All living organisms:
· Move ­ most animals move to
catch food, avoid becoming prey,
find shelter or to find a mate.…read more

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Respire ­ this is the
controlled combustion
of food, requiring
oxygen. Breathing is
only a small part of
this process which is
carried out in the
cells. Respiration
releases energy.…read more

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Sense ­ All
organisms are
sensitive to their
Plants respond to
light and gravity,
animals respond to
a large range of
stimuli.…read more

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