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Unit 1 Module 1 Key Words
STIMULUS: Any change in the environment that causes a response
RESPONSE: Change in behaviour or physiology due to environment
NEURONAL SYSTEM: Interconnected network of neurones that signal to
each other across synapse junctions
HORMONAL SYSTEM: Where the blood transports chemical signals
HOMEOSTASIS: Maintenance of…

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AXON: The long part of a motor neurone that carries the action potential
to the effector
DENDRON: The long part of a sensory neurone that carries the action
potential from the receptor to the CNS and motor neurones
RESTING POTENTIAL: The p.d across the neurone cell membrane when it

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EPSP: Excitatory postsynaptic potential, the potential difference
created at the postsynaptic membrane, can generate a new action
SYNAPTIC CLEFT: The gap between two neurones (between the
presynaptic knob and the postsynaptic membrane)
ACETYLCHOLINESTERASE: Enzyme in the synaptic cleft that breaks
down the neurotransmitter acetylcholine molecules, to stop more than…


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