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Agents of The individuals, groups and institutions which play a
socialisation part in the socialisation process
Belief An idea or understanding about physical or social
reality. May be factual or evaluative (time, space,
religious meaning).
Cultural relativism Position that all beliefs, behaviours etc. are judged only
on the bases…

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norms Social rules, standards or expectations that govern the
behaviour expected in particular situations. May be
informal or formal
power The ability of individuals or groups to realize their own
will in a communal action, to control behaviour of
others, usually associated with a person or a group not

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Social Function The contribution a part of society makes to the well
being of society as a whole

Social Groups any collection of people who are organized in some
(generally just called particular way and are conscious of sharing some
"a group") common beliefs.(e.g. a family)
Social Solidarity A feeling…


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