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Agents of The individuals, groups and institutions which play a
socialisation part in the socialisation process
Belief An idea or understanding about physical or social
reality. May be factual or evaluative (time, space,
religious meaning).
Cultural relativism Position that all beliefs, behaviours etc. are judged only
on the bases of the culture in which they occur.
culture The values, norms, meanings, beliefs and customs of a
society: its whole way of life
Customs Social norms legitimized in different ways. Custom is
social norms legitimized because it is sanctioned by
deviance any behaviour that violates expectations and elicits social
disapproval.(illegal drug use)
Discrimination Acting in a certain way towards people because they are
seen to be members of a particular group.
Discrimination can be positive or negative.
Equality of A system in which every person has an equal chance of
opportunity success.
Ethnocentrism Comparison/judgment of other cultures and people with
ones own culture based on foregone conclusion of
superiority of ones own culture (e.g. judgment of
Eskimos spouse sharing).
Ethnography A research method based on direction observation of
relatively small groups, often over fairly long periods of
False consciousness A false view which prevents people from seeing the
reality of their situation
ideology A misleading view based on value judgements which
obscure reality
Institution A cluster of norms and probably values relatively that is
established and strongly supported by group consensus
and carrying with them strong sanctions for violation.
(E.g. family, government, economy, religion etc.)

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Social rules, standards or expectations that govern the
behaviour expected in particular situations. May be
informal or formal
power The ability of individuals or groups to realize their own
will in a communal action, to control behaviour of
others, usually associated with a person or a group not
with position.
Prejudice Prejudging members of groups in terms of stereotypes ­
sweeping generalisations which are applied to all
members of the group. Prejudice can be positive or
negative.…read more

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Social Function The contribution a part of society makes to the well
being of society as a whole
Social Groups any collection of people who are organized in some
(generally just called particular way and are conscious of sharing some
"a group") common beliefs.(e.g. a family)
Social Solidarity A feeling of belonging to a group. Social unity
Social Stratification The division of society into layers (or strata) whose
occupants have unequal access to social opportunities
and rewards.…read more


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