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Lipids and Membranes

Tri ­ Ester ­ Fats

Ester = Carboxylic acid + Alcohol


The acids in Triglycerides are called fatty acids as some are vast in size
E.g. C15H31COOH or CH3(CH2)14COOH ­ Palmitic acid
Some fatty acids contain C=C double bonds
o Alkanes are saturated C­C

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Why Triglycerides cannot dissolve in water

As C and H have nearly the same electronegativity they are none polar so won't dissolve in

1. The R groups are non polar
2. R groups therefore cant form H bonds with water
3. Non-Polar can only form Van de Waal forces…

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Energy Consideration

Carbohydrates are used for energy before fats
o can be accessed more quickly
o glucose can be hydrolysed anaerobicaly
lactic acid made
fats cannot be broken down anaerobicaly
Fats produce twice as much energy per gram compared to glucose

Example exam Q.
Q. Why do fats provide more…


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