Light independent reactions

Biology Unit 4

Light independent reactions

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Biology Unit 4
Revision Notes
Topic 5: On the wild side
6. Describe the light-independent reactions as
reduction of carbon dioxide using the products of the
light-dependent reactions (carbon fixation in the
Calvin cycle, the role of GP, GALP, RuBP and RUBISCO)
and describe the products as simple sugars that are
used by plants, animals and other organisms in
respiration and the synthesis of new biological
molecules (including polysaccharides, amino acids,
lipids and nucleic acids).
This stage does not require light, but can occur in light and dark.
It requires the NADPH, H and ATP produced in the light dependent stage.
It occurs in the stroma of the chloroplast.
It makes hexose sugars, like glucose, from CO and RuBP.
It requires energy (from the NADPH, H and ATP).
The Calvin
Text Book: p.16-17

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Biology Unit 4
Revision Notes
A 5-carbon sugar RuBP combines with CO in a process known as carbon fixation. This is
catalysed by a RuBISCO enzyme, forming an unstable 6C molecule. This quickly breaks down
forming 2 molecules of a 3-carbon compound GP (2 x 3C)
The GP is reduced to GALP (2 x 3C) which requires both ATP and NADPH (which were made in
the light dependent reactions).…read more


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