Light and dark in of mice and men

the use of light and dark as a way of reinforcing the ideas and themes

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Light Dark
"In the stable buck's room a small electric globe "Although there was evening brightness showing through the
threw a meagre light" Poor light- low in society, windows of the bunkhouse, inside it was dark"-there's no hope
reflects status, cynical, no hope, rejects dream in their world
Just before curleys wife dies "the sun streaks When curleys wife first appears in the bunkhouse, both Lennie
climbed up the wall"- hopes and dreams gradually and George notice that the rectangle of sunshine in the doorway
slipping away in the doorway is cut off"- temptation, ruin, generalisation of
women- foreshadowing that she will be the end of dreams
"The sun streaks were high on the wall by now, As the story reaches its tragic conclusion "the light climbed out of
and the light was growing soft in the barn"- after the valley"- all hopes and dreams have left, cynical, refers back
curleys wife died- as the light ebbs away, so too to first chapter in reference to where they are going, "climbed"
does the hope of dreams coming true but now Lennie is gone and all hope is gone
"Crooks eyes lay deep in his head , and because As Lennie's captors advance on him- "Already the sun had left the
of their depth seemed to glitter with intensity"- valley to go climbing up the slopes of the Galiban mountains and
there seems to be no hope but the word "glitter" the hit tops were rosy in the sun- "- serene, hope out of reach,
suggests the light of hope hasn't been completely Lennie has rosy view
Light represents good, hope and purity
Hope- suns coming up at beginning when walking about arena
The men build the fire- it comforts and sustains them
Workhouse is dark inside showing how life for the ranch workers is gloomy and dismal. Whenever
slim enters light seems to follow- shows how he is a positive influence
Smallness of light, not much hope but Lennie sees it- he epitomizes friendship
Curley's wife cuts off the light, foreshadowing uses this technique because of the connotations. Links
them to characters + locations
Some critics feel that because the light is rosy when he is about to die, better without Lennie-
perhaps for Lennie because he will now never lose the dream


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