Life Processes (Entry Level)

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Processes of Life
Movement ­ Organisms can move either their whole body or part of
their body (LOCOMOTION).
Respiration ­ Organisms need energy for all things! This comes from
broken down food molecules!
Sensitivity ­ Organisms can respond to external stimuli which helps
them find food, water!
Growth ­ Organisms get bigger and develop in all ways e.g.
Reproduction - Organisms make new individuals via sexual or
asexual means.
Excretion ­ Organisms get rid of toxic waste produced by their cells
e.g. CO2 and urea.
Nutrition ­ Organisms need food to respire (everything) and to
photosynthesise (for natural things only) !
Control ­ Organisms can control their internal enviroment, like the
Immune System
This lion and cub go through all of these life processes like most over living things!
By tudorwilliams99


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