Life in the cities under war communism - Russia

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Life in the cities under war communism
Black markets & Bagmen
Bagmen traveled selling their produce railway system became choked cheka raided
trains & markets to stop them
Urban workers sold/exchanged handmade good to barter for food
`cigarette lighterism' cig lighters featured in products they made + shoe soles made
from conveyor belts, penknives ,nails & ploughs made from iron bars
Bolsheviks attempted to end free market but failed
Middle classes
Worse position than workers
Class enemy
Not allowed to work
Drafted back as managers in nationalized industries/ civil service
Survived by selling whatever they owned for bread
42% of prostitutes in Moscow were from Bourgeois families
Benefited houses of the rich were taken over & living spaces divided up amongst poor
Corruption urban workers exchanged for food
Wages 2% of their 1913 level
Bolshevik officials
Corrupt run by mafias who lived well whilst others starved
Wives & mistresses had whatever jewelry they wanted
5000 Bolshs& families lived in Kremlin & best hotels in Moscow with access to
hospitals, saunas & restaurants


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