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Life in Germany

I am a ... business man in the middle class

Revision topic Hyperinflation (1923)

Notes about the event:

I am able to pay of my loans and get rid of debt.
Loaf of bread cost 4.2 billion marks.
My wages don't go down as I am self…

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I am a ... business man in the middle class

Revision topic Great depression (1929)

Notes about the event:

Every one hates the WR
Communists are unable to fulfil there aims of sharing as there is nothing to
share anymore because the economy has took a big turn and flopped…

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Revision topic Schacht's economic plan (1933)

Notes about the event:

Autarky ­ everything will be made and produced in Germany, e.g. Food, coal,
iron, steal other materials. Nothing will be imported or exported to and from
The German economy does well and rises
I have a great job, and…

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Notes about the event:

It lasted 3 years and not 4 as Germany had to go war a year earlier.
Autarky was ended and was replaced with rearmament.
Women are working and hours of working have gone up.
If enough guns are not made then we get beaten and tortured.…


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