Life After Death

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Life after death
Adam was the first person on Earth. He was resurrected and all
Muslims believe that they will as well.
Heaven- means eternity with Allah.
Hell- for some could be a possibly be a place of temporary and for
others it means eternal punishment.
Resurrection- their body will be raised from the dead so they bury
the dead within 24 hours of death if possible. When the body is
buried, two angels, Munkir and Nakir, ask the dead person 4
questions: Who is your god? What is your religion? Who is your
prophet? What is your guide?
If you answer these questions correctly and truthfully will fill the
tomb with pleasurable things. However, if they are incorrect the
dead person will be punished for being a non-believer. Once the trial
is complete, the angel of death Azrail takes the soul to Al-Barzakh.
This is a place where they will wait for Judgement Day. On Judgment
Day, all bodies will be resurrected and will be judged by Allah before
being rewarded in heaven.


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