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When discussing whether we believe that a society or individual within a society has
sociopolitical liberty the debate around freewill and determinism (to what extent human
agency is curtailed and determined by factors outside of a person's control is not usually
relevant, rather the focus is usually focused on…

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Philosopher Kings at the top, the guardians or soldiers in the middle strata and workers at
the bottom and the fascist vision of the state which if we take the example of the Nazi state
was ruled over by a leader who claimed to be the sole source of wisdom…

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can see that it is anything but clear cut. Now, according to Mill's criteria a person who
decides to take heroin should be allowed to because they are sovereign over their mind and
body, and if they end up being addicted to it then they should still be allowed to…

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freedom still exists and available to them were they in a position to engage in it. Furthermore
Berlin's point can be illustrated by pointing out that if a person tries to eat in restaurant by do
not have the money to pay they can then be subject to physical coercion…

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While these criticisms may be important concerns to take into consideration they do not
necessarily undermine the basic premise of why autonomy is a good thing. To supporters of
autonomy as a form of positive liberty they may seem to be ignoring the fact that many
would say that autonomy…

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The best way to ensure that there is consistently a legally defined sphere of negative liberty
within which people can exist freely is to be involved in the state. While in some
circumstances a benevolent dictator may grant an extensive realm of negative liberty while
restricting participation in the state's…

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to work together is through willing and voluntary exchanges of goods, ideas and services,
which in fact enhance our freedom because we can choose to enter and leave such
agreements at any time.
Furthermore collectivist anarchists (such as communist anarchists) would argue that because
in their view human beings are…

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liberty and property' and to many liberals this is as far as the boundaries of the state should
Furthermore, liberty is also of great use to social utility. Mill believes that if we allow people
a great arena of personal liberty then social progress may result and better alternative…

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Conservatives have argued that as society progresses there needs to be a gradual shift in
liberties however that these should be in the form of inherited liberties rooted in the history
and culture of the society. Given their pessimistic view of human nature (believing people to
be ultimately selfish and…

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control advocated by Marx. Far from abolishing classes in Marx's view, the Bolsheviks
simply replaced one ruling class with another. While some claim that this is evidence of the
ultimate impracticality and structural flaws of Marxism others have countered this by saying
that it was the deviation of Stalinism from…


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