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The Personality And The Moral Self;
The Conscience;
The Causally Undetermined Choice.
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Libertarianism is used to describe two different
philosophical topics: -
1) Philosophy of the mind:- we are free to act and morally
responsible for our actions.
2) Political philosophy:- explores the relationship between
the individual and the community or state in terms of
rights and liberties that each has. Both have ethical
The Personality And The
Moral Self.…read more

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He was concerned with the idea that the individual should
not be crushed by the will of the many in society or by
the state.
· He believed that the views of the mob would crush the
diversity of the individual as the state would control what
they did.
· "The individual is not accountable to society for his
actions in so far as these concerns the interest of no
person but himself" (1996, p93)
· He also believed that there are some limitations on
humans such as, people must not harm one another.
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"The only purpose for which power can be rightfully
exercised over any member of a civilised community
against free will is to prevent harm to others" (1996
· For Mill, individuality is a part of what the good life is all
· Individuality means human development. If humans are
to grow and develop they must have free speech and
freedom of actions within reason.
· Identity is a feature of the particular choices made.
· Human personality is an expression of free will.
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Incompatibilists believe that free will is incompatible
with determinism.
· Libertarians hold this view as they believe that: -
· Humans must have free speech and freedom of actions to
grow and develop
· Humans have a sense of self-determination or freedom to
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Humans only do actions that they are happy to perform
· We should only act in ways which fit in with our
principles, morals and beliefs
· Conscientious actions hold great importance for
· They see conscience as important, therefore seeing it as a
central feature of human dignity
· The erosion of conscience, through social pressure and
other factor, results in the person becoming less human as
they are limited on free moral decision making.
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