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`Individualism refers to the belief of the `The ability to think or act The capacity to take charge `A moral standard of `Forbearance a willingness to
supreme importance an individual holds as one wishes, a capacity of their own lives and fashion fairness and impartiality accept views or action with which
over any social group or collective body.' that can be associated with their own destinies. social justice is the notion one is disagreement.'
Methodological individualism: individual of a fair or justifiable
the individual a social Emancipates human kind Both an ethical ideal and social
is central to any political theory or social distribution of wealth and
explanation. group or a nation.' from the grip of the past and rewards in society.' principle. On one hand it represents
Ethical individualism: Society should be Liberals: Priority to freedom from the weight of custom Giving each person what the goal of personal autonomy on
constructed to benefit the individual, as the supreme individualist and tradition. he or she is due, a moral the other, it establishes it establishes
moral priority to individual rights, needs or value. Significant in highlighting the punishment. a set of rules about how human
interests. importance of discussion, Refers to the distribution beings should behave towards one
Egoistical individualism: Emphasis' on debate and argument. of material rewards and another.
selfinterestedness and selfreliance. benefits in society, such
Modern liberals: developmental form of as wages, profits, housing,
individualism that prioritizes human medical care, welfare
flourishing over the quest for interest benefits and so on.
All distinct groups in society are entitled Recognises that some People should have regular Government should A society in which there is tolerance of
to the same rights discrimination against individuals are born with opportunities to express their operate within strict many different beliefs, movements and
groups should be outlawed. disadvantages that cannot be consent, or indeed to withhold boundaries faiths. It suggests a political system in
We are all entitled to equality of overcome by their own efforts. it. If not limited government which different political parties and
opportunity. A moral principle that we are all More than regular free elections is likely to encroach upon pressure groups are free to operate and
entitled to equal life chances. use of referendums when any the freedom and the have access to decision making
major change to the power or private lives of its citizens processes. Modern liberal democracies
system of government is Liberals fear the exercise are pluralist in nature, while totalitarian
proposed. of arbitrary power i.e. regimes inhibit or destroy pluralism.
State must tolerate the free power that has no
expression of public opinion, legitimate authority
even if it challenges the basis of The tendency for power to
government. become concentrated in
too few hands
Democratic systems may
simply become the
tyranny of the majority, to

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Old Sir

This table shows what students might aim for in summarising what they have learnt about the core of any political philosophy. It covers essential liberal thinking and could be a good model for gathering knowledge and understanding of other political ideas. To take it further students could highlight corresponding and contradictory views within other political strands.

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