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Absolute Liability

This is very rare, offences of absolute liability require no mens rea and the defendant's actions (the actus reus) need not be voluntary.

Winzar (1983)

The defendant was taken to hospital on a stretcher, but when he was examined by the doctors they found that he was not…

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The defendant met a girl aged 14 in the street. He took her to another place where they had sexual intercourse. He was acquitted of
the offence as it was not proved that he knew the girl was in the possession of her father. Even though the age aspect of…

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The vast majority of strict liability offences are created by statute. Most are regulatory in nature, i.e. involving matters such as
regulating the sale of food and alcohol, the prevention of pollution and the safe use of vehicles.

In order to decide whether an offence is one of strict liability…

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Issues of Social Concern

The Privy Council held that the only situation in which the presumption of mens rea can be displaced is where the statute is concerned
with an issue of social concern. This allows strict liability to be justified in a wide range of offences where it is…


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