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Lexical and Semantic Change

Activity 51

Burn v. Original: flame or glow while consuming a material such as coal or wood
Now: to copy onto a CD
Process: Broadening

Manga n. A Japanese genre of cartoons/comics with explicit violent/sexual imagery
From Japanese man (indiscriminate) and ga (picture)
Process: Compounding


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9. Ill or in pain
10. Regretful
11. Unfavourable, distressing
12. Offensive, unpleasant
13. Not valid or sound
14. Not recoverable
15. (slang) good; excellent
Bank 1. To hit 1. An institution offering financial Broadening
2. An institution offering services and associated
financial services business/buildings
2. A long raised mass…

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3. A homosexual man, typically one
who is ostentatiously effeminate
Sky 1. The region of the clouds or 1. The region of the clouds or the
the upper air; the upper upper air; the upper atmosphere of
atmosphere of the earth the earth
2. The heavens or firmament, 2. The…


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