Levels of Processing Model

AO2 points for the Levels of Porcessing (LOP) model of memory for students studying PSYB2

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Levels of Processing Model (Craik and Lockhart)
The model is over simplified account of focusing too much on depth of processing. Depth is
not the only factor that affects memorability.
o Relevance is an important factor.
The model describes rather than explains. The concept of `depth' is very ambiguous e.g. how
deep is `deep'?
o Subsequent research has in fact extended what is meant by depth to include
elaboration, organisation and distinctiveness. `Depth' can therefore be seen as an
increasingly complex interaction with information to be remembered.
Does not show cause and effect.
o What causes us to remember things more?
Is it just elaboration or is the amount of effort being put in or the amount of
time taken to process the information?
Morris found that semantic processing does not always lead to better retrieval which
therefore, goes against the approaches made about the model.


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