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notes on the levels of data for methods

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Levels of data
Statistical tests
Statistical tests are used to determine the likelihood that any observed effect is due to chance i.e.
whether we accept the null hypothesis and reject the alternative or vice versa
Which statistical test is used to analyse data depends on certain factors:
The purpose of the study (are you studying differences, associations or correlations)
Type of design (related or unrelated)
Levels of measurement (type of data)
Levels of measurement
The data we collect varies in terms of its sophistication; numerical data can sometimes tell us little
and sometimes it can tell us a lot
Nominal data (categorical)
o Numbers refer to people or events in categories
o Very crude and unsophisticated
Number of males and females
who smoke
Male Female
Smoker 38 33
Non-smoker 12 17
Ordinal data
o The numbers are scores on a numerical scale and can be put in order from lowest to
o However, the units of measurements are not equal, i.e. not a definable size
o This data is usually based on opinion and therefore tends to be subjective rather than
­ how
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Not at Extremel
all y anxious
Interval data
o This is data on a numerical scale with units of equal, definable size
o Examples would be
Reaction times (sec)
Distance (m)
Height (m)…read more


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