Letter from the trenches

A letter home with details of the conditions on the front line, historical facts or world war one.

Their is a pretty gruesome picture of trench foot in there so be warned. :P

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Letter From Trenches

Dear my beloved wife Carrie and Daughters, Elizabeth and Anne.
It seems like a century since I have seen your beautiful eyes and held each and one of your
hands with the knowledge that you are safe. I Miss you all deeply and I can only dream…

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Letter From Trenches

to survive at least one day. Many of the young boys who fight beside me were pressured
into it by their girlfriends; it is a shame that they will never see them again. This vicious game
is petrifying and I cannot find enough words to say how…

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Letter From Trenches

was nothing I could do; he crawled halfway back, close enough for me to see the despair in
his eyes. The determination for me to save him must have changed something because then
for those few seconds I didn't care about anything else but getting my best…

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Letter From Trenches

5/8 ounces of tea
4 ounces of jam or 4 ounces of dried fruit
Half gill of rum or 1 pint of porter
4 ounces of butter/margarine
2 ounces of dried vegetables
We don't get an ounce more, sometimes though they may give us less if things…


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