Les Grands Seigneurs Analysis

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Humayra Chowdhury 10E 02/12/11
English Homework
Mr Ingman
`Les Grands Seigneurs' Analysis
`Les Grands Seigneurs' is a poem written by Dorothy Molloy. The speaker's description of men
implies that she reflects them as soft sweet animals such as "Men were my dolphins". The word
"were" gives an indication of past tense which might suggest she was using them as objects but they
no longer belong to her. In addition, she portrays them as "dolphins" which could refer to the friendly
nature as dolphins are conveyed as friendly and gentle. The speaker's illustration of men before
marriage is very powerful and strong demonstrating the control women have with men before
marriage. In the first three stanzas the possessive pronoun "my" is used a lot which may hint that the
person is possessive as they are direct. Also it could represent the characteristics of this person and
propose that they are selfish, jealous but powerful. Moreover, she exposes the power she has over
men even further as she depicts them as her "performing seals". This might connote that the speaker
thinks she has control over the men or the objects could connote her entertainment as she states that
she can manipulate men. The speaker gives a representation of freedom as she says "sailing ships"
this creates new possibilities or a new world which may indicate that she couldn't settle on a man.
Furthermore, she uses objects from water i.e. the dolphin, seals and sailing ship which might
symbolise purity and eternity. Similarly, it could also symbolise that life is giving and it is tranquil. The
poet describes men as objects which she has power and control over; she demonstrates that before
marriage the relationship for her is positive and an entertainment.
In the beginning of the play the speaker's relationship with men before marriage is compared to
animals in which men are known for dressing up. An example is the "peacocks"; this is a
representation of flamboyance where it demonstrates her as shallow and superficial of nature. Also
this could denote courtship, suggesting that women have a lot of the attention before marriage, In
addition men are described as "cockatoos" which may hint that men are obedient to women before
marriage. Also it could possibly foretell that men are degrading their status before they are married
and they are losing the ownership. Another animal which men are given reference to is the
"nightingale". This relates to singing attractions and might signify that all kinds of men were attracted
to her. Similarly it might highlight men as competitive from the phrase "strutting pink flamingos"; this
conveys that everything must be pretence. In this poem, the poet's representation of the
relationship women have with men before marriage is shown that she relies on her object but they
are inanimate.
Furthermore, this poem is quite subversive as words such as "troubadour" and "damsel" is being
used to give a creation of men but these words are from the olden time and in previous years
women didn't have power over men. "Troubadour" alludes to courtly love and could possibly be a
connection to the image of a troubadour. Also, the way the speaker empathises on the royal family
and claims she is the "queen" implies adoration and that her status is being served. However, it could
also hint the arrogance and pride within her as she portrays courtly love. In addition, she narrates
men as her "buttresses" which could suggest that women lean on men for support before marriage
and it supports the strength of integral. Another way, the speaker conveys her relationship with men
before marriage is by foreshadowing men as low status and silly. She depicts men as her "hurdy
gurdy monkey men" which is an assonance. This is mocking men as monkeys are savagery and the
illustration may suggest men who are low status are performing to impress the lady. Also the word
"prancing" may indicate men as desperate or it may indicate men as playful toys.
`Les Grands Seigneurs' Analysis
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Humayra Chowdhury 10E 02/12/11
English Homework
Mr Ingman
After the marriage, the speaker's life completely alters as she regrets as the end. Men and women
change the position in role after they get married as the men takes the power and treats the women
the way they was previously. The speaker denotes herself as a "toy, a plaything "which alludes
negativity as she wants the pity. She tries to evoke her man with sympathy but he just "wedded and
bedded" her instead.…read more


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