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Learning approach write up
Is to investigate and see whether women's drive smaller car than men's.

Women are more likely to drive smaller cars, and men's are more likely to drive bigger cars.

Null hypothesis:
There is no difference by the size of car that is driven by…

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Generalisation: the study can't be generalized because is been carried out only in one city and is
been tasted on 25 participants.

Reliability: the study was reliable because I only carried it in one road at the same time. The study can
be repeated again, and get the same…

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It shows the right number of participants of each gender is chosen to represent their


It is difficult to choose how many males or females to choose to make the study
The participants that is been chosen to use their data may be not the represent

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Big car female:
(4-5.6) 2 2

5.6 = (-1.6) 2.56
5.6 = 5.6 = 0.6

Big car female:
(10-8.4) 2 (1.6) 2
8.4 = 8.4 = 2.56
8.4 = 0.6

= 0.6 + 0.2 + 0.6 + 0.3 = 1.7



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