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`Peace at any Price' War Communism and
> The first decrees of NEP
Sovnarkom > War Communism
> The Constituent Assembly > The New Economic Policy
> The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (NEP)
Civil War > The 1923 Constitution
> The Czech Legion Lenin overall
> Reds vs. Whites > Achievements
> The Red Terror > Death
> Results of Bolshevik Victory Key Words…read more

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The first degrees of Sovnarkom
·The Constituent Assembly
·The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
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Good Bad
The Sovnarkom was Lenin's Parliament, set up in November 1917. He was chairman.
The degree on Land:
> Took 540 million acres from Tsar, nobles, the church and landlords. This was given to the peasants to
divide among themselves
The degree on Peace:
> Stated Sovnarkom intended to make peace with enemies at once
Degree on Work:
> 8-hour day and 48-hour week for all industrial workers and made laws about overtime and holidays
Degree on Unemployment Insurance:
> Promised financial stability for all workers against illness, injury & unemployed
Degree on the Press:
> Banned all non-Bolshevik newspapers
Banning of Political Parties:
> Banned Russia's main liberal party, the Constitutional Democratic Party, and arrested their leaders
The Cheka:
> A political police force, `All-Russian Extraordinary Commission to Fight Counter-Revolution and
Espionage.' They fought against Bolshevik enemies and opposition
The degree on Works' Control:
> All factories under control of elected committees of workers
The degree on Banking:
> All banks in Russia were under Sovnarkom control
The degree on Marriage:
> Allowed couples to have non-religious marriages and made it easier to get a divorce
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November 1917 ­ elections were held
for new parliament
First free elections in Russian history
Bolsheviks were badly beaten in the
elections by the SRs
The SRs got more seats then all the
other parties put together
The Assembly met for the first time on
18th January 1918
Less than 24-hours later, Sovnarkom
ordered it to stop meeting
Red Guards killed & wounded more
than a 100 people in support of the
Assembly who demonstrated
Red Guards prevented elected
Deputies from entering the Assembly &
closed it down permanently
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