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He was a great revolutionary thinker. He was editor of the Communist
newspaper Iskra, and founder of the Bolsheviks (London Conference 1903, when
the Russian Communist Party split in two).
He persevered ­ For years he led the Bolsheviks from exile in Switzerland.
He was an opportunist ­ In…

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Kerensky and the Mensheviks and stressed the idea of the revolution of the proletariat,
the working classes, based on Workers' Soviets.
1917 As President of the Council of People's Commissars after the Bolshevik victory
in Petrograd, Lenin became the head of the first Soviet government. He made peace
with Germany,…

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After having a World War, Revolution and a Civil War, Russia had serious
economic problems, so Lenin decided to make a New Economic Policy.
The NEP meant War Communism was abandoned and peasants only needed
to give a part of their produce to the government, the rest they could sell…


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